Max KostikovMax Kostikov wrote the following post Fri, 18 Jun 2021 11:01:18 +0200

В Hubzilla обновился интерфейс HQ

Некоторые из вас, наверное, знают, что помимо стандартных представлений публикаций в #Hubzilla в виде сетевого и публичного потоков, система имеет ещё и представление HQ ("headquarter"). Оно призвано облегчить просмотр новых публикаций, которые создают ваши "друзья" или вы сами.
Вчера основной разработчик Hubzilla @Mario Vavti представил новый существенно переработанный вариант HQ. Теперь взаимодействие с публикациями стало существенно удобнее, позволяя быстро переключаться между различными авторами и событиями. Кроме того, теперь вы можете работать и с сообщениями и отмеченными публикациями.
В будущем новый интерфейс HQ планируется сделать основной страницей, куда пользователи будут попадать после входа в систему.
Протестировать его и, возможно, внести предложения по улучшениям и исправлениям, вы, как обычно, можете на экспериментальном хабе @Zotum.


Michael [Кошак] SkolskyMichael [Кошак] Skolsky wrote the following post Tue, 01 Jun 2021 23:17:03 +0200

Упорядочить публичный поток

Есть ли возможность упорядочить отображение публичного потока аналогично потоку подписок?
Поток подписок можно упорядочить "по комментариям", "по публикациям", "по порядку" (ссылки/меню слева). В случае с публичным потоком подобного не наблюдается. При этом публичный поток отображается, похоже, в режиме "по комментариям", т.е. хронология постов в потоке нарушается, что достаточно неудобно.

Asia-E reg 001 pol hubzilla (AP)

Escaped tigers shot dead after killing keeper at Chinese zoo

Escaped tigers shot dead after killing keeper at Chinese zoo

Two tigers that escaped from their cage after killing a zoo keeper were shot dead in central China on Tuesday, state media reported.The tigers mauled the keeper, surnamed Jia, who was feeding them at Danjiang Peacock Valley, a tourist attraction outside Nanyang city in Henan province, according to state broadcaster China Central Television.The keeper was taken to hospital and later died.The local authorities evacuated visitors and members of staff while armed police, forestry workers and fire…

Assembly for permacircular museums | 21.04.2021 (All day) to 24.04.2021 (All day) | ZKM
From April 21-23, 2021, the Assembly for Permacircular Museums explores the ecological transformation of the culture industry.
Assembly for Permacircular Museums – Opening Remarks (EN)

Wed, 21.04.2021 – Sat, 24.04.2021

Assembly for permacircular museums

The cultural sector is giving more and more space to ecological as well as postcolonial discourses, but at the same time is itself caught up in capitalist entanglements. How can its institutions make the radical shift towards a permacircular future?

Over four days, the event brings together keynote addresses, case studies, roundtables, professional workshops, and artist performances to discuss the future of art institutions, share experiences, and explore alliances with radical and grassroots movements. The conference is initiated in the framework of the project »Notes towards a Permacircular Museum« by Stéphane Verlet-Bottéro for the exhibition »Critical Zones«. Following an exercise in mapping the show’s environmental footprint and a collective effort to restore an abandoned fruit orchard near ZKM, the project explores the possibility of expanding museum maintenance practices to more-than-human solidarity and sheltering.

Wed, 2 pm–3.30 pm

Opening remarks

This introduction session will harvest a broad range of questions from the project initiators and guest lecturers, framing the following focus sessions. Institutions increasingly speak of giving nature a voice, and even rights. How are the ethics and practices of cultural institutions affected once we take this claim seriously? Which new visions do we need for art institutions in what Bruno Latour has called the New Climatic Regime, and how can we translate self-criticism into action?
Lucia Pietroiusti (curator of General Ecology at Serpentine Gallery, London)
Stéphane Verlet-Bottéro (artist, ecologist, curator)
Peter Weibel (CEO of ZKM | Center for Art and Media, Karlsruhe)
and an activation by Mira Hirtz (performance artist and art mediator, Karlsruhe)

++ Registration and full Program: ++
++ German Livestream: ++

Upgrade error

!Friendica Support

I tried upgrading my Friendica from 2020.03 to 2021.01

I erase all files.

I then uploaded the new version.

I then used the following file from the old version: config and addon config as well as the .htaccess files.

Once i did this and looked at the website again, I got the following errors:

PHP Warning: require_once(/var/www/clients/client1/web12/web/vendor/composer/autoload_real.php): failed to open stream: No such file or directory in /var/www/clients/client1/web12/web/vendor/autoload.php on line 5
PHP Fatal error: require_once(): Failed opening required '/var/www/clients/client1/web12/web/vendor/composer/autoload_real.php' (include_path='.:/usr/share/php') in /var/www/clients/client1/web12/web/vendor/autoload.php on line 5

Any clues as to what this error is from?

I installed my back up for now so that I could write this message.


Tobias friendica (AP)
Have you used the friendica-full-2021.01.tar.gz archive or the one from github without the "full"?
Joseph Hogan friendica (via ActivityPub)

This is where I got my files:

The links on the blog post concerning the release of the upgrade.

They do nto seem to be from github.

@Steffen K9 🐰
Thanks. The vendor folder is full of stuff. Are they all the files/folders for the dependecies, I am not sure. I donot know what shold be in there.

!Friendica Support
Tobias friendica (AP)
@Joseph Hogan yes, those files should cover the dependencies. But for some reason the autoloader does not find the composer file.

Could you check if /var/www/clients/client1/web12/web/vendor/composer/autoload_real.php does exist on your file system. I saw it in the archive file.
Joseph Hogan friendica (via ActivityPub)
HI Tobias

I looked at the newer version that I used, and this file is there.

I also noticed something in my files when I was going to try and up[grade again today:
The name of my addon config file is:

Will this cause issues It seems to have been this way since i first in stalled friendica.

Does this mean that my addons have no config file?

As well, I just noticed that the new version is out.

Maybe I can skip 2021.01 and use 2021.04 right away.

Any issues with this?

I am using 2020.03 right now.



@Michael Vogel
@Steffen K9 🐰

!Friendica Support
Michael Vogel friendica (AP)
Mostly you can skip versions. Possibly you should use git to fetch the updates. After that is done, you even could stay updated via an automatic process.
Joseph Hogan friendica (via ActivityPub)
Thanks Michael,

Good to know that i can skip to 2021.04.

But, as for the GIT, this is a new world for me. I know of it(everyone seems to be using it), but have no idea how to do it.

According to the instructions, seems easy:
cd friendica
git fetch
git checkout stable
git pull
bin/composer.phar install --no-dev
cd addon
git fetch
git checkout stable
git pul

But, I do not know how to do it:(

Is GIT something I need to install on my server? Other things to consider?


Michael Vogel friendica (AP)
You need to install the "git" client (you don't need the git server). Then you need to checkout the repository. I don't do this very often, hopefully someone helps here.
Tobias friendica (AP)
@Joseph Hogan yes, git is something you need to install on your server. Once you have installed git, you can clone the current stable version of Friendica with

git clone -b stable /path/to/friendica

you can leave the /path/to/friendica part away, than git will create a subdirectory "friendica" in the current directory. Note that the given directory needs to be empty.

After the cloning finished, cd into the new direcoty and execute the bin/composer.phar command.

And finally you'd need the addon repository clones with

gid clone -b stable /path/to/friendica/addon

The -b stable will tell git to use the stable version of Friendica instead of the development version.

Other things to consider. Make sure that you sudo the commands with the correct user, e.g. www-data. And a git installation will take more space on the hard drive as the projects history is included.

What PHP version are you using on your server?
Joseph Hogan friendica (via ActivityPub)
OK, as I mentioned in my reply to @Michael Vogel , git is already installed(was unaware, since I never used it before).

You say to use the following command:
git clone -b stable /path/to/friendica

You menitoned to create a new friendica folder into which put the got clone. My friendica is installed in the man directly of my domain folder:

I do not want to clone the directly in the same folder as my regular friendica directory, do I ? Or, do I?
Is this process doing something similar to using the archive, where you replace everthing, except a few main config files and .htaccess?

You mention at the end that my HD space use will increase since to keeps the projects history. Do we need to keep this history? How to erase/remove it?

I will have more questions, but this will start the ball rolling.

Tobias friendica (AP)
I do not want to clone the directly in the same folder as my regular friendica directory, do I ? Or, do I?

Why not? The repository holds all files needed to run the node and git keeps track of the changes you made to the tracked files. Your local config files or the .htaccess file e.g. are not tracked.

So if you need to adjust something in the code (for whatever reason) and you do a pull for new code that will override your changes, git will notify you.

You can have a directory with the repository and then copy the files over to the web-root if you like. But at tho moment I don't see a benefit of that.
Joseph Hogan friendica (via ActivityPub)

I am asking these questions as a total newbie, who does nto understand how GIT works or the best practices.

I just want to understand it enough so that I can safely upgrade my friendica server and not screw everything up.

So, you are saying that I can use GIT and just update everything directly to the ,main directory? I'll make a back up, so that I can restore things if needed.
Tobias friendica (AP)
@Joseph Hogan I understand, and my "why not" was also a honest question ;-) maybe you know something against using git directly in the webroot. :-)

Yes, you can use git to directly update the code you have in your web-root directory of the Friendica installation. I know many doing this, regardless if they are using the stable or the development branch.

If you use the stable branch, then you get the same code that is also in the tar.gz archives you can download from What you wont get directly is the dependencies, but they are one additional command away (that's the composer call).

The advantage of using git over the archive files is, that it manages the check if any of the files was changed (by you) and these changes would be overwritten by the update. (For whatever reason, could be some typo in a string used in the UI that hit a nerve, or @Michael Vogel who advised you to change a line of code in that particular file to overcome a problem). And that you can easily switch to, say the RC branch of the new release to test it.

The downside is, that it gets a bit more complex. It's not just unzip the archives and replace the current files with the new ones anymore.

You can also use git in a separate directory in your users ~home directory and copy the files from there into the web-root. It is possible, and hence my question if you had some reason why this would be better.

But yes. Do a backup of the current web-roots content (you'll need the .htacess and the config files), then clone the branch you want to use into the new web-root and copy the config/htaccess file back into place. That should be all ;-)
Tobias friendica (AP)
You mention at the end that my HD space use will increase since to keeps the projects history. Do we need to keep this history?
It's a philosophical question, but I think yes in FLOSS projects we like to be able to see who changed what, at what time with what reasoning. And that's the projects history as documented in the git repository.

Also by cutting out the history at some point, it might be seen as attempt to erase some contributors from the project history.
Joseph Hogan friendica (via ActivityPub)

I am not a programmer.

I am an end user who just wants to run Friendica.

I am not looking to erase history, just have a streamlined less bulky code.

If all these extra comments automatically come with the code, than I will need to add them to my site.

I thought that the comments and history would be for the programmers, and not be needed/included in the released version.

Tobias friendica (AP)
@Joseph Hogan the history comes with the git repository. I've just had a look, the .git directory is about 150mb from the total 300mb in total (incl. the dependencies).

It's not bulky code in the git repository. It's just that you can use git to checkout any specific state of the recorded code history. (E.g. if you are using the development branch and discover a bug, you can checkout the code from yesterday where the bug was not in and let the developers know of the problem)

A released archive file is just a snapshot from the repository, stripped from some un-needed files (e.g. those 150mb) and added the dependencies. If you are happy with only the stable releases, then you are fine with the archive files. No need to switch to git. The internal updating functions and features are the same, regardless of the method you used to put them on your server.
Michael Vogel friendica (AP)
The advantage of the git repository is that you keep updated with really little effort. AFAIK several admins are using this - without having the urge to code a single line.
Joseph Hogan friendica (via ActivityPub)
Turns out, git is already install o my server! Step one, accomplished!

Now, what to do with it. This will be the next step.

What about these repositories that @Michael Vogel mentioned?


!Friendica Support

Privacy Issues hubzilla (AP)
la bonne heure | Akademie für aktives und kontemplatives Lebenla bonne heure | Akademie für aktives und kontemplatives Leben wrote the following post Thu, 08 Apr 2021 00:33:54 +0200

Gruppenchat ja oder nein

Bei unseren Trainingsgruppen im la bonne heure möchten wir niemandem das Mitwirken in der Gruppe verwehren. Kommunikation ist ein wichtiger Aspekt der Gruppendynamik. Ob ein eventueller Gruppenchat in einem Messenger aufgebaut werden soll, ist eine heikle Frage und muss behutsam berücksichtigen, wo die einzelnen Gruppenmitglieder stehen. Die Gruppenmitglieder erhalten die Möglichkeit, sich einzubringen. Ihre Position hat in der Regel Gründe, die berechtigt bis "unumstösslich" sind, wie körperliche Einschränkungen, Kritik am Konsumerismus oder ökologisches Bewusstsein.

Unser Fragekatalog, um die Positionen abzuholen, sieht im Moment so aus:
  • ich habe nichts gegen einen Gruppenchat, ich will aber nicht Teil davon sein
  • ich möchte einen Gruppenchat, aber nur, wenn alle Teil davon sein können/wollen
  • ich möchte einen Gruppenchat, auch wenn nicht alle Teil davon sein können/wollen
  • ich habe weder iOS 10.0 oder neuer noch Android 4.4 oder neuer und kann deshalb Threema nicht nutzen
  • ich habe weder iOS 11.0 oder neuer noch Android 4.4 oder neuer und kann deshalb Signal nicht nutzen
  • Signal ist mir zu wenig sicher oder ich habe Bedenken wegen der Zukunft von Signal (siehe
  • ich habe weder iOS 9.0 oder neuer, Android 5.0 oder neuer noch mobiles Linux und kann deshalb FluffyChat nicht mobil nutzen
  • Dass ich FluffyChat nicht mobil nutzen kann, ist für mich nicht hinderlich. Ich bin bereit, den Messenger am Desktop-Computer zu nutzen (Linux, Mac OS oder Windows), was ohne mobiles Gerät möglich ist.
  • Stehen alle Messenger zur Auswahl, bevorzuge ich Threema
  • Stehen alle Messenger zur Auswahl, bevorzuge ich Signal
  • Stehen alle Messenger zur Auswahl, bevorzuge ich FluffyChat
  • ich finde, wir brauchen keinen Gruppenchat. Ich nehme nicht an einem solchen teil und will auch nicht, dass es den Gruppenchat ohne mich gibt.

Cannot remove empty categories

Hello Supporters,
on my Home-Status page there are two categories which I don't use anymore. How do I remove them?


RiskverenigingRiskvereniging wrote the following post Mon, 18 Jan 2021 21:40:09 +0100
Welkom op de pagina van de Riskvereniging Bergen op Zoom en Omstreken.

Seizoen 2021




Статистика сети Hubzilla на 1 кв. 2021 г.

Информация предоставлена на основе данных хаба @Zotum

Hubzilla network stats Q1 '21

@Zotum introducing to you latest statistic over #Hubzilla network.


#zotum #statistics #zot #Fediverse

/network causes memory use spike on server

Is it expected behaviour for the Friendica server to require over 700MiB to render a single page for a single user?

I'm seeing a lot of OOM-killer activity in my system logs, and it seems to coincide with me accessing /network on my remote browser. Memory usage briefly shoots from a resting 300MiB to 1GiB (the server's RAM limit), then httpd is oom-killed.

I'm running on a Linode server with Arch linux, latest Apache 2.4.46-3 with mpm_prefork_module and php 7.4.16-1.
mark friendica (via ActivityPub)
I ran mysql_upgrade, and it seems that the memory spikes have gone. I had forgotten about a mariadb update, it seems. Thanks very much for your help, @utzer , and @Michael Vogel , I look forward to the next release.
utzer friendica (via ActivityPub)
@mark lets see if that really helped, but it was one thing I did and I think it improved here too.
You're welcome.

Best upgrade path?

@Friendica Support

HI you all. I've been busy lately, so not much activity lately. But, I am back on line a little more now and again.

I am currently on v2020.03

I have been unable to upgrade due to a few server constraints. These will be resolved i the next 2- 3 weeks.

Being that my version is 3 versions old, what is the best way to upgrade? Do I upgrade one version at a time? 2020.06, then 2020. 09 and then 2020.012?

Or, can I just upgrade directly you 2020.12?

A well, I will be switching to Maria DB from MySQL. Will this have any impact?


Hypolite Petovan friendica (AP)
Latest release note say "If you are updating from an older version than the 2020.03 release, please first update your Friendica instance to that version." so you're good, you can upgrade directly to the last release.

As for the MariaDB switch, it is transparent for Friendica, nothing to change.
Joseph Hogan friendica (via ActivityPub)
@Friendica Support @Hypolite Petovan @Pierre Bernardeau @Michael Vogel @silverwizard

Thanks for the feedback.

I did see the notes. But, I just wanted to make sure that you might have heard of some hiccups for others making a similar 3 version jump.

Once i get there, I'll get back at you with feedback.


Hello everyone,
excited to use this software. Just have a few questions.
How do I enable invite only registration? I've read the docs, my config file is missing a line for invitations.
Hypolite Petovan friendica (AP)
The config key is system.invitation_only. Most config keys have to be added manually to your own local config file but you can get an exhaustive list of all the config keys in static/defaults.config.php.
IcePhreak friendica (via ActivityPub)
Thank you my friend.

Rexodys via Friendica Support friendica (AP) (via DFRN)

Help setting up VSCode to work on Friendica

!Friendica Support
Can someone help me setup #VSCode to work for friendica? I have some extensions that changes quotes, etc and I don't want to disable/enable my extensions every time I switch project. I want to respect the devs preferred code specs.

I have Vetur, Prettier and ESLint. When I save a file every single quotes are changed to double quotes 😛.

[Hope this works I never used friendica before, not sure how to post to forum lol]

#Friendica #coding
Friendica Support reshared this.
Michael Vogel friendica (AP)
I'm using the same nick name across the whole internet :-)
Rexodys friendica (AP)
@Michael Vogel :O I dare you! lol

oops I did a bad thing...

Hi !

I'm the administrator of my node. For a test I have changed my e-mail address. Then I've seen that I couldn't go to the admin menu. I would change my address back to the admin but I can't. Is that a bug ? Can I try to change it in database directly ?
Steffen K9 🐰 friendica (via ActivityPub)
Not a bug. A security feature!

Configure a different admin email address in your .../config/local.config.php file. Be careful who's email you put there. Then you can change your user's email back to the old/right email address. And then you can change the address in the config file back to the right address.
Rexodys friendica (AP)
@Steffen K9 🐰 @Pierre Bernardeau Should probably add a warning on the admin profile page about that :P

Friendica extremely slow since update to 2020.09 and 2020.09.1

At the beginning of this week I updated to 2020.09, and since then Friendica has run very slowly. When I reboot the VPS, it runs very fast for a short while, and then gets bogged down again. I use Plesk to monitor the VPS, which is only running Friendica, and almost the entire 4 GiB of memory is constantly in use. I can also see that the "Apache & PFP-FPM" memory usage is at 792 MiB, which I believe is high.

However, I cannot figure out why this is occurring and see no apparent errors in the logs. But also because I have had no errors in the 6 months I've been running Friendica, I don't know exactly what is "normal." Any assistance troubleshooting this would be greatly appreciated.
Just to report back. Since the update to 2021.01 I don't have to restart php constantly any more. #Friendica is faster and makes more fun than ever.

Thanks to all the developers and contributors.
hoergen friendica (AP)
@Matt Panhans There was a big database structure update and a lot people reported while the task was running, that friendica was very slow. It can happend, that this task is running for a long time. Just let it run and see in the support forum for the threads about it.

Tobias via Friendica Support friendica (AP) (via DFRN)

remote_self and the twitter connector

Do they play along nicely at the moment?

For the Friendica news / blog, the distribution chain is currently

  • Write a posting to the blog
  • will collect the Atom feed and publish it for @Friendica News
  • and the twitter connector will publish a teaser to the news account there

however the very last step seems not to be working at the moment. @Steffen K9 🐰 had to post the teaser manually.

!Friendica Support
utzer friendica (via ActivityPub)
@Tio except non AP accouts I assume.
Matthias Pfefferle mastodon (AP)
only per user for now.

Paula Gentle on Friendica via Friendica Support friendica (AP) (via DFRN)

Blocken: Melden? Wie?

!Friendica Support
Anlässlich einer Häufung von Registrierungen, die ein Troll momentan auf Diaspora vornimmt, um damit andere User anzugreifen, frage ich mich, wie effektives Blocken bei Friendica funktioniert.

Ich meine hier bewusst nicht das userseitige Blocken, welches jeder selbst durchführen kann. Das habe ich verstanden, praktiziere es und es scheint für mich auch ausreichend gut zu funktionieren.

Meine Frage zielt ein oder zwei Ebenen höher: Gibt es ein standardisiertes Verfahren, einen User (oder eine ganze Instanz) zu melden, so dass dieser instanzweit oder gar netzwerkweit geblockt wird?

Ich gehe davon aus, dass jeder Betreiber einer Instanz für sich entscheidet, ob und wen er blockt und es keinen netzwerkweiten Automatismus gibt. Und mir ist bewusst, dass hier eine missbräuliche Nutzung eine massive Gefahr für die Federation ist, also ist Vorsicht geboten.

Aber trotzdem braucht man wohl auch effektive Schutzmechanismen, die nach meinem Verständnis mindestens instanzbasiert ansetzen müssten.

Daher meine Fragen:
1. Was tut ein einfacher User, wenn er glaubt, einen Account oder Instanz entdeckt zu haben, der sich illegitim verhält und seiner Meinung nach(!) geblockt werden sollte? Dem Instanzbetreiber melden - wenn ja, auf welchem Weg?
2. Gibt es eine Abstimmung zwischen den Instanzbetreibern hinsichtlich von Blocklisten?

Matthias/E friendica (via ActivityPub)
In den Systemen Mastodon und Diaspora gibt es die Funktion "Melden" von Beiträgen. Bei Mastodon kann zusätzlich angegeben werden, dass ein Beitrag von einen anderen Remote Server stammt und der Admin dieser Instanz informiert werden soll. Soweit die Theorie.

Ich habe gelernt, dass solche Meldungen in Friendica weder ausgelöst werden können, noch dass Meldungen aus anderen Netzen verarbeitet werden. Dazu fehlt aktuell der technische Unterbau. Siehe

Da Blocken von solchen Spam-Accounts immer nur die zweitbeste Möglichkeit ist, nachweislich destruktive Accounts zu eliminieren, denke ich, sollte die Funktion einer übergreifenden Admin Benachrichtigung-Funktion angegangen werden. Der Admin kann für das gesamte Netzwerk eine wesentliche Rolle übernehmen. Er entscheidet, ob ein User zeitlich gebannt oder auch gelöscht werden soll und kann damit eine bereinigende Aufgabe für das gesamte Netze ausüben.

Ggf. wäre eine organisatorische Instanz erforderlich, in denen Streitfälle geklärt werden können.
Was auch nicht schlecht wäre, wenn die Grundsätze, nach denen ein destruktiver Account gebannt oder gelöscht wird, festgeschrieben wird. So hat auch der Admin eine Guideline, die Orientierung liefert.

Eine Umsetzung in Friendica sollte eigentlich kein Hexenwerk sein. Aus meiner Sicht reicht es schon aus, wenn eine Meldung als PM durchgestochen wird, damit der Admin eine Möglichkeit hat zu sichten und zu reagieren. Welche technischen Möglichkeiten dann folgen, kann später entschieden werden.
utzer friendica (via ActivityPub)
@Matthias/E Mastodon müsste die Meldung einfach an den Armin per PN schicken, dann kommt sie an. 😁
Matthias/E friendica (via ActivityPub)
@utzer Wenn ich das richtig verstanden habe, dann macht das Mastodon automatisiert. Die Remote Meldungen werden von Friendica jedoch nicht angewendet.
utzer friendica (via ActivityPub)
@Matthias/E ja, so hatte ich das verstanden. Ich wollte nur sagen, Mastodon interessiert sich einfach einen Scheiß dafür ob es anderswo funktioniert, die hätten es ja implementieren können. Wobei ich gerade nicht sicher bin wie man den admin auslesen kann.

Ich denke das Thema ist interessant, wahrscheinlich wäre eine technische Implementierung auch sinnvoll. Bei Diaspora ging das aber bisher glaube ich nicht serverübergreifend, aber kann sein das es geändert wurde.
Matthias/E friendica (via ActivityPub)
@utzer Ich denke, sie haben das umgesetzt, was im Standard definiert wurde (wenn es den gibt). Es macht ja auch Sinn die Instanz zu informieren, auf der ein reklamierter Beitrag erstellt wurde.

Wie auch immer.. Friendica steht derzeit mit leeren Händen da, wenn es um das Melden von Beiträgen geht. Daher wäre es eine gute Idee den ersten Schritt zu gehen.
utzer friendica (via ActivityPub)
@Matthias/E ich würde jetzt mal behaupten das es im standard dazu noch nichts gab, außer vielleicht das es eine Meldefunktion geben solle. Mir wurde mal erklärt, dass dieser Standard eher allgmein gehalten ist.
Matthias/E friendica (via ActivityPub)
Ah.. ok. Ich glaubte mal etwas in die Richtung gelesen zu haben. Kann es aber nicht belegen.
Vielleicht sollte die Diskussion unter weitergeführt werden. Unabhängig davon, ob es in absehbarer Zeit eine Lösung gibt.
Daher meine Fragen:
1. Was tut ein einfacher User, wenn er glaubt, einen Account oder Instanz entdeckt zu haben, der sich illegitim verhält und seiner Meinung nach(!) geblockt werden sollte? Dem Instanzbetreiber melden - wenn ja, auf welchem Weg?
2. Gibt es eine Abstimmung zwischen den Instanzbetreibern hinsichtlich von Blocklisten?
Dem bisher gesagten entnehme ich zusammenfassend, dass es bislang keinen standardisierten Weg für Friendica gibt - und föderationsübergreifend schon mal gar nicht.

Bleibt nur, dem jeweiligen Instanzbetreiber und/oder meinem eigenen eine PN zu schicken - falls der/die das überhaupt so möchte.
utzer friendica (via ActivityPub)
@Paula Gehrke on Friendica ich würde ggf. noch das helpers oder Admins forum empfehlen, ich denke Admins ist besser. Die Admins, also auch ich, freuen uns über Hinweise, wir sind ja auch in unserer Blase und sehen so Accounts nicht unbedingt selber.
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@Paula Gehrke on Friendica Ich hatte mal im Friendica Directory Repos einen Vorschlag dazu gemacht

Photo permissions don't work [solved]

Hi folks!
I am using friendica version 2020.09-01 and I wonder if this issue is known by anyone else:
uploading or editing a photo and setting
- "public" permission works fine :)
- "Limited/Private" permission doesn't work with "Show to:" for persons or groups. The person or the one of the related group has no access to the photo. One can read posts with the same permission restrictions, but doesn't see the photos :(

Any ideas?
Michael Vogel friendica (AP)
Are all persons from Friendica or are they using different systems as well?
Thanks for your reply :)
All persons use Friendica and are registered on the same server instance (
According to the table 'group_member' should have a 'uid' field. Mine hasn't :(
> show columns from group_member;
| Field      | Type             | Null | Key | Default | Extra          |
| id         | int(10) unsigned | NO   | PRI | NULL    | auto_increment |
| gid        | int(10) unsigned | NO   | MUL | 0       |                |
| contact-id | int(10) unsigned | NO   | MUL | 0       |                |
3 rows in set (0.002 sec)

May this be an outdated database structure?
Michael Vogel friendica (AP)
The documentation is outdated. But you can always call bin/console dbstructure update -fto check the table structure against the definition.
Hm, bin/console dbstructure update -f runs without any response.
Creating and editing groups works fine. But what is confusing me is this mysql respond:
> desc group;
ERROR 1064 (42000): You have an error in your SQL syntax; check the manual that corresponds to your MariaDB server version for the right syntax to use near 'group' at line 1

This happens with some other tables also :(
Michael Vogel friendica (AP)
So the update hadn't found anything. This is fine. The error above just happens because "group" is a reserved word. You need to encapsulate it with a backtick.
Ah, I single and double quoted group which didn't work either, but > desc `group`; outputs the data correctly :) Thank you so much!
So I will have a closer look to the data to solve my initial issue ...
Michael Vogel friendica (AP)
@Ingo van Lessen I'm most likely sure that the underlying problem is a ghost that we are hunting now for years. What you haven't said: Is the problem with private albums or with private posts with included pictures?
If I understood you right: both.
As soon as I change the permission of a photo from "Public" to "Limited/Private" nobody has access to it and can't see it in posts nor in "Photos" except the owner, no matter who's listed in "Show to:".
You mentioned "private albums". I just had a closer look and was not able to set album permissions ("Vier" theme). I only have the permission option for single pictures.

Hope it helps ...
The problem seems to be solved since the update from 2020.09-01 to 2021.01 has been successfully installed :) Thank you so much!

Michael Vogel friendica (AP)
Ein wenig mehr Infos wären nett :-)
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