Blikan, by Cecilie Strange

Blikan, by Cecilie Strange

Cecilie Strange grew up in a musical home and she began playing the saxophone already at age 12. Strange has studied music in the Danish city of Odense with the great jazz saxophonist Hans Ulrik and in New York with top saxophonist Chris Cheek, and her deep and soulful tenor sound has gained international acclaim. So far, she has released two solo albums and her third solo album, 'Blikan', will be released on April Records on April 16th, 2021. Together with guitarist Anna Roemer, she also makes up the ambient electro jazz duo, Kaleiido, who have collaborated with names like Mikkel Hess, Kasper Tranberg, Anders "AC" Christensen og Stine Steendorph. Besides that, Strange has also played in various jazz ensembles and folk groups and even in one pop band.
"Blikan", an Icelandic word derived from the Old Saxon language, means “to shine" or "to appear”. And as its title suggests, 'Blikan' came together almost magically. Recorded at The Village in Copenhagen on June 10 and 11, 2019, the two-day session was the first time Cecilie Strange had ever played with the three artists she intuitively knew were the ideal ensemble to manifest her vision: pianist Peter Rosendal, bassist Thommy Andersson and drummer Jacob Høyer. Their collaboration was so creatively inspired it produced
@!Music Box

Working on New Hubzilla Templates & Themes

I am planning on creating a new Hubzilla template/theme that is a cross between redbasic and an updated version of Bootstrap’s free SB Admin theme.

TL;DR: Here are my ideas and if you want to help me create this, I will be creating a git repository that we can collaborate on. (Continue reading if you want to know more.)

I would like to make the new template as versatile as possible. We might eventually need to make multiple configurations because there are many distinct use cases, such as:

  • Solo Hubs - The focus is on the channel, and every channel can have its own unique theme (like how you can customize the colors on redbasic). Similar to how redbasic works now.
  • Forum Websites - Navigation is similar to a traditional forum, with multiple forum areas. You can easily view and switch between all of the forum channels on the same website. The focus is on the website and the fact that it has multiple forum channels.
  • Public Hubs - Similar to solo hubs, but some additional navigation to the hub home page and other pages the hub operator wants to highlight. The public hub operator has more control over common navigation sitewide.
  • Multi-Author Blog - Additional navigation for finding and navigating public content. Add pages and navigation that turn the site into a multi-author website, listing content from multiple channels on the main website.
I know a lot of this can be accomplished via the PDL Editor, but having pre-configured themes for each use case would make things easier for site owners. Ideally, we will just make one theme that adapts based on certain configuration settings.

Some of the things I want to work on are:

  • Usability for non-techy users.
  • Responsive design that works well on both mobile and desktop.
  • Social media posts look like social media posts.
  • Forum posts look like forum posts
  • Articles look like blog posts.
  • Navigation according to each use case above.
  • Design it so that the PDL Editor and Apps still work as intended.
  • It is compatible with Bootstrap code examples (containers, grids, panels, cards, etc.).
Back in the old days, before Facebook, we had independent forums, and that is where discussions were held. There were dedicated individuals that would set up forum software, and grow communities. So part of my focus will be to make the forum website, public hub, and multi-author blog more community-oriented while leaving the solo hub style to focus solely on individual channels (like it is now). I think if we foster communities that go beyond individual forum channels, we would make Hubzilla stickier and can draw people off of the major platforms.

As I mentioned in the TL;DR above, I plan on setting up a git repository for said template/theme. If anyone wants to contribute, that would be awesome. We definitely can get it done faster if we work on it together.

But even if you can’t contribute, I would still love your ideas and feedback, so I can tailor the template/theme appropriately. Thank you.

How to explain Hubzilla to a newbie in 5 minutes ?

Repost from the Hubziila support Forum

How to explain Hubzilla to a newbie in 5 minutes ? How would you do this?
I would like to ask you for your vision and try.

Here is my view and attempt with also some proposals:

Newbies have often a hard time to understand the concept of HZ. I thinks that is also because there is not a clear narrative for what HZ actually stands fore. Most people come here to find a regular Social Media Bloging tool but as we all know HZ is much more than that.

On you find the description:
Hubzilla is a powerful platform for creating interconnected websites featuring a decentralized identity, communications, and permissions framework built using common webserver technology.

Well, just very few newbies will get a meaning out of that.

So first of all: How to name the baby, so that most get a better understanding of what to expect to find?
Is Hubzilla more a "CMS for decentralized social Networking" ?

Do you have any better ideas?

Besides an understanding of all the different tools HZ provides to create content, it is existential to understand how you can publish this content. Finally HZ is all about the options to publish NOT just public in order to achieve levels of privacy.

In the documentation you can read that you do that with Permissions

but this text can also be confusing for Newbies

Privacy - Permissions - Roles - Limits are general terms which can be easily used and interpret in different ways ...

If you dealing with HZ content publishing it is actually all about Access Control to achieve this levels of privacy,. Isn´t it?

In HZ you have two basic tools which design in combination this Access Control:

1 You publish your content public or only for certain individuals, forums, predefined groups or for a customized selection of contacts (by custom select).


2 You differentially assign basic abilities to the Public and your contacts as to what they are allowed to do with the content you assigned to them.

The first one depends of the default publishing options (ony me, public, forum, custom select, and the default group for contacts = "Friends" ) and the app "Privacy groups"

The second one depends on the "Channel role" and "Contact role"

For an easy understanding it would be helpful to use terms which corespondent to this two functions in an intuitive way. Privacy - Permissions - Limits - Roles, are terms which can be confusing because they are not specific enough.

Why not call them:

1. Access Group/List
2. capability/qualification/skill level

"Access List" is already in use by ZAP. I know there was a poll lately about how "Privacy groups" should be called in HZ but we may should think about this again by looking on the whole picture. You are actually assign here Access to your content for a list/group of recipients in order to achieve a level of Privacy.
But right now when you try to post the mousover by the small lock shows "Prermisson settings" and also in ZAP it says in the pop up window "Prermissons" - Much more precise would be here also "Acces List" or "Acces Group" setting.

Something like "capability/qualification/skill leve" would be a new term for the ZOTiverse but if we would use a term like that it would make very clear that this permissions are always attached to persons or rols. So with "Channel role" you defined actually the default skill levels for

Only those you specifically allow
Approved connections
Any connections
Anybody on this website
Anybody in this network
Anybody authenticated
Anybody on the internet

And with "Contact role" you can even more defined this skills for your Contacts.

This all would give us a better understandable narrative.
Just my thought and ideas...
What do you think?
I have a cron job which attempts to update daily. I know when an update has actually happened when I see the alert that I have a new version. I've only had to roll back temporarily once in many years.
hosh hubzilla (AP)
This is a really nice thread, though I don't currently know anybody to whom I would currently need to explain hubzilla.

Hubzilla gives me an all-round solution that it would otherwise be difficult to put together. Without too much fuss and almost no money, I was able to install it on an old laptop, simply by following the standard installation instructions provided by Hubzilla.

I have slowly managed to exploit some of its hidden potential and now use it for macro-blogging, wikis, photo galleries, file storage, etc. I run a static blog under Hubzilla's file storage.

So far, to my great surprise, nothing has gone wrong. Though Hubzilla has a very helpful community, I haven't often needed to ask for advice. I'm not an IT professional and just had my 66th birthday.

from Mastodon with(out) love

Hi all,

I have a lot of Mastodon connections. When I see a post which I want to comment, it doesn’t show up on the Mastodon side. If I use the @username and comment, the response is visible. Is that something known? Or do I have to do some settings?
Chris hubzilla (AP)
@Max Kostikov So where can i find this setting for the option to auto-mention?

Connections page is empty

on only one of the channels on our hub (trensemble@labonneheure) the /connections page shows nothing (it's empty)
What could be the reason and how could we get rid of this problem?
hosh hubzilla (AP)
@emanuel @ la bonne heure this happened to me too, a few weeks ago after a hubzilla update. I did indeed find a hint in the log, and it turned out that customizations I had made to that page with the PDL editor were responsible - after I got rid of them, the connections came back.
indeed this solved it. Thanks!

How to use website css / themes (foundation 6)

I an not sure how to adapt the appearance of a website. I did see the theme tag for Comanche, but entering in the (otherwise working) layout the tag
(for a test) did not change appearance of a website using that layout, at all. The hosting channel has AllowCode=On granted in admin.
Witcraft 🇺🇦 hubzilla (AP)
Thank you - I will try it :thumbsup:
Witcraft 🇺🇦 hubzilla (AP)
@Mario Vavti Finally had time to check: Help does not explain a "minimal" template. But whatever of the five templates (or "minimal") I use above the header:
...does not change colors in any of them.

Any idea what I would be using wrong? Here is the layout code:

[template]minimal[/template]<br />[theme]redbasic:dark[/theme]<br /><br />[comment]Adding a HTML HEAD region to the Default template and select Foundation by Zurb for CSS and JS.[/comment]<br />[region=htmlhead]<br /> [JS]jquery[/JS]<br /> [CSS]foundation[/CSS]<br /> [JS]foundation[/JS][/region]<br /><br />[region=content]<br /> [block]some_block[/block]<br /> $content[/region]

Putting the theme tag into the header does not change things either.

Permissions of connections no description

Please can someone explain how permissions can be changed?

Permission Their My
Can view my channel stream and posts

Unable change a permission for a connection
kris hubzilla (AP)
Maybe ICANN started to cut DNS ..

No it was just a bad joke

Music Box hubzilla (AP)

Rodrigo y Gabriela: "Hanuman"

Rodrigo y Gabriela- "Hanuman" OFFICIAL

Buy Rodrigo y Gabriela on CD & Vinyl here:

Directed by Olallo Rubio

Stream filters affect stream order since 7.0

Usually, I vie sorted by "Commented Date". When I filter by "personal posts" or "saved folders", stream order is automatically set to "Date unthreaded" - and cannot be changed (other options not clickable) until I delete the filter.

Also, when I am on mobile (Android), I cannot use "Filter by name": A list of matching channels is provided, but I cannot select them by poiting to them, and thus, not apply the filter. Tested with up-to-date DuckDuckGo and Chrome browser.

Bugs, features, or misconfigurations on my part?

Upload and embedding form lage images

If i try to insert a new image by the "Attach/ Upload" button is woks just fine with small Images but when i upload an image with the since lager than 4MB the image is just added as attachment and NOT embedded with a thumbnail.
Somehow the compression of the image by gd or imagick is not working right?
How can i set up the server in a better way?

Hans hubzilla (AP)
Uhmm, since when did php allow to change this within the scripts? Weird, reminds of of days long ago
RockyIII hubzilla (AP)
@mike THANKS for digging into it
Given these constraints, I would highly recommend:

php_admin_value[upload_max_filesize] = 2M
php_admin_value[post_max_size] = 6M

I just tried this but uploads with more than 2M do not work than :-(
What can I try next?
It should be utf8/utf8mb4 for the entire pipeline.

this is actually something @Anmol 💉💉 should notices... anmol, are you around?

Welcome everyone to the Dogs group. Now post your doggo pictures!

#dog #dogs #doggo
Hans Wolters hubzilla (via ActivityPub)
No tags @🎓 Dr. Freemo :jpf: 🇳🇱 , if you ask for something you should pay attention :-)
What do you mean by no tags?

@dogs @QOTO

Koena Connect mobilizon (AP) (via DFRN)
9h-9h30 Koena & Mobilizon : Accessibilité web pour toutes et tous
Starts:  Friday July 16, 2021 @ 9:00 AM
Finishes:  Friday July 16, 2021 @ 9:30 AM

Accessibilité web pour toutes et tous !

Savez-vous comment les personnes handicapées naviguent-elles sur les sites web ?

Avez-vous vu le bouton "Contact accessibilité" en haut du site Mobilizon ? Savez-vous à quoi il correspond ?

Les questions autour de l'accessibilité numérique vous intéressent-elles ?

Savez-vous comment rendre des sites accessibles ?

Le projet Koena Connect : la médiation au service de l'accessibilité numérique

Pour parler accessibilité numérique, venez découvrir le nouveau projet de Koena en partenariat avec Framasoft !

Il suffit de cliquer sur ce lien pour accéder au webinaire !

NB. Si vous avez des besoin spécifiques ou si vous avez des soucis avec la visio, vous pouvez appeler Koena sur le +33 (0)9 72 63 21 28

Il s'agit d'une plateforme de médiation, accessible via les sites, Keskonfai et Colibris. Cette plateforme est en phase d'expérimentation jusqu'au mois de septembre, c'est donc le moment de la tester !

Pendant ce webinaire, des membres de l'équipe Koena et Mobilizon, feront des démos de leurs sites respectifs.

Vous aurez également la chance de tester la plateforme de médiation avec l'aide de l'équipe Koena.

Si le créneau horaire 9h - 9h30 ne vous convient pas, vous trouverez d'autres créneaux :Nous avons hâte d'échanger avec vous sur l'accessibilité et l'inclusion numérique !
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!Friendica Support

Moin *

Mache seit 3-4 Wochen die Beobachtung, dass Bilder aus Shares eines #Pixelfed - Users gedoppelt werden.

Das ist sogar dann so, wenn mein Post nach #Mastodon geshared wird.

Doppeltes Bild in Friendica

Doppeltes Bild in Mastodon geshared

Joseph Hogan via Friendica Support friendica (AP) (via DFRN)

Upgrade error

!Friendica Support

I tried upgrading my Friendica from 2020.03 to 2021.01

I erase all files.

I then uploaded the new version.

I then used the following file from the old version: config and addon config as well as the .htaccess files.

Once i did this and looked at the website again, I got the following errors:

PHP Warning: require_once(/var/www/clients/client1/web12/web/vendor/composer/autoload_real.php): failed to open stream: No such file or directory in /var/www/clients/client1/web12/web/vendor/autoload.php on line 5
PHP Fatal error: require_once(): Failed opening required '/var/www/clients/client1/web12/web/vendor/composer/autoload_real.php' (include_path='.:/usr/share/php') in /var/www/clients/client1/web12/web/vendor/autoload.php on line 5

Any clues as to what this error is from?

I installed my back up for now so that I could write this message.


Joseph Hogan friendica (AP)

I am asking these questions as a total newbie, who does nto understand how GIT works or the best practices.

I just want to understand it enough so that I can safely upgrade my friendica server and not screw everything up.

So, you are saying that I can use GIT and just update everything directly to the ,main directory? I'll make a back up, so that I can restore things if needed.
Joseph Hogan friendica (AP)

I am not a programmer.

I am an end user who just wants to run Friendica.

I am not looking to erase history, just have a streamlined less bulky code.

If all these extra comments automatically come with the code, than I will need to add them to my site.

I thought that the comments and history would be for the programmers, and not be needed/included in the released version.


Cannot remove empty categories

Hello Supporters,
on my Home-Status page there are two categories which I don't use anymore. How do I remove them?


/network causes memory use spike on server

Is it expected behaviour for the Friendica server to require over 700MiB to render a single page for a single user?

I'm seeing a lot of OOM-killer activity in my system logs, and it seems to coincide with me accessing /network on my remote browser. Memory usage briefly shoots from a resting 300MiB to 1GiB (the server's RAM limit), then httpd is oom-killed.

I'm running on a Linode server with Arch linux, latest Apache 2.4.46-3 with mpm_prefork_module and php 7.4.16-1.
mark friendica (via ActivityPub)
I ran mysql_upgrade, and it seems that the memory spikes have gone. I had forgotten about a mariadb update, it seems. Thanks very much for your help, @utzer , and @Michael Vogel , I look forward to the next release.
utzer ~Friendica~ friendica (via ActivityPub)
@mark lets see if that really helped, but it was one thing I did and I think it improved here too.
You're welcome.

Joseph Hogan via Friendica Support friendica (AP) (via DFRN)

Best upgrade path?

@Friendica Support

HI you all. I've been busy lately, so not much activity lately. But, I am back on line a little more now and again.

I am currently on v2020.03

I have been unable to upgrade due to a few server constraints. These will be resolved i the next 2- 3 weeks.

Being that my version is 3 versions old, what is the best way to upgrade? Do I upgrade one version at a time? 2020.06, then 2020. 09 and then 2020.012?

Or, can I just upgrade directly you 2020.12?

A well, I will be switching to Maria DB from MySQL. Will this have any impact?


Hypolite Petovan friendica (via ActivityPub)
Latest release note say "If you are updating from an older version than the 2020.03 release, please first update your Friendica instance to that version." so you're good, you can upgrade directly to the last release.

As for the MariaDB switch, it is transparent for Friendica, nothing to change.
Joseph Hogan friendica (AP)
@Friendica Support @Hypolite Petovan @Pierre Bernardeau @Michael Vogel @silverwizard

Thanks for the feedback.

I did see the notes. But, I just wanted to make sure that you might have heard of some hiccups for others making a similar 3 version jump.

Once i get there, I'll get back at you with feedback.


Hello everyone,
excited to use this software. Just have a few questions.
How do I enable invite only registration? I've read the docs, my config file is missing a line for invitations.
Hypolite Petovan friendica (via ActivityPub)
The config key is system.invitation_only. Most config keys have to be added manually to your own local config file but you can get an exhaustive list of all the config keys in static/defaults.config.php.
IcePhreak friendica (via ActivityPub)
Thank you my friend.

oops I did a bad thing...

Hi !

I'm the administrator of my node. For a test I have changed my e-mail address. Then I've seen that I couldn't go to the admin menu. I would change my address back to the admin but I can't. Is that a bug ? Can I try to change it in database directly ?
Stanislav N. aka pztrn friendica (via ActivityPub)
@Pierre Bernardeau You can try change in database or in configuration file (and change via web UI later).
Steffen K9 🐰 friendica (via ActivityPub)
Not a bug. A security feature!

Configure a different admin email address in your .../config/local.config.php file. Be careful who's email you put there. Then you can change your user's email back to the old/right email address. And then you can change the address in the config file back to the right address.

Friendica extremely slow since update to 2020.09 and 2020.09.1

At the beginning of this week I updated to 2020.09, and since then Friendica has run very slowly. When I reboot the VPS, it runs very fast for a short while, and then gets bogged down again. I use Plesk to monitor the VPS, which is only running Friendica, and almost the entire 4 GiB of memory is constantly in use. I can also see that the "Apache & PFP-FPM" memory usage is at 792 MiB, which I believe is high.

However, I cannot figure out why this is occurring and see no apparent errors in the logs. But also because I have had no errors in the 6 months I've been running Friendica, I don't know exactly what is "normal." Any assistance troubleshooting this would be greatly appreciated.
Just to report back. Since the update to 2021.01 I don't have to restart php constantly any more. #Friendica is faster and makes more fun than ever.

Thanks to all the developers and contributors.
hoergen friendica (via ActivityPub)
@Matt Panhans There was a big database structure update and a lot people reported while the task was running, that friendica was very slow. It can happend, that this task is running for a long time. Just let it run and see in the support forum for the threads about it.

remote_self and the twitter connector

Do they play along nicely at the moment?

For the Friendica news / blog, the distribution chain is currently

  • Write a posting to the blog
  • will collect the Atom feed and publish it for @Friendica News
  • and the twitter connector will publish a teaser to the news account there

however the very last step seems not to be working at the moment. @Steffen K9 🐰 had to post the teaser manually.

!Friendica Support
utzer ~Friendica~ friendica (via ActivityPub)
@Tio except non AP accouts I assume.
Matthias Pfefferle mastodon (AP)
only per user for now.

Blocken: Melden? Wie?

!Friendica Support
Anlässlich einer Häufung von Registrierungen, die ein Troll momentan auf Diaspora vornimmt, um damit andere User anzugreifen, frage ich mich, wie effektives Blocken bei Friendica funktioniert.

Ich meine hier bewusst nicht das userseitige Blocken, welches jeder selbst durchführen kann. Das habe ich verstanden, praktiziere es und es scheint für mich auch ausreichend gut zu funktionieren.

Meine Frage zielt ein oder zwei Ebenen höher: Gibt es ein standardisiertes Verfahren, einen User (oder eine ganze Instanz) zu melden, so dass dieser instanzweit oder gar netzwerkweit geblockt wird?

Ich gehe davon aus, dass jeder Betreiber einer Instanz für sich entscheidet, ob und wen er blockt und es keinen netzwerkweiten Automatismus gibt. Und mir ist bewusst, dass hier eine missbräuliche Nutzung eine massive Gefahr für die Federation ist, also ist Vorsicht geboten.

Aber trotzdem braucht man wohl auch effektive Schutzmechanismen, die nach meinem Verständnis mindestens instanzbasiert ansetzen müssten.

Daher meine Fragen:
1. Was tut ein einfacher User, wenn er glaubt, einen Account oder Instanz entdeckt zu haben, der sich illegitim verhält und seiner Meinung nach(!) geblockt werden sollte? Dem Instanzbetreiber melden - wenn ja, auf welchem Weg?
2. Gibt es eine Abstimmung zwischen den Instanzbetreibern hinsichtlich von Blocklisten?

Paula Gentle on Friendica friendica (via ActivityPub)
@MasterTux 🐧 ✅
Noch eine Frage an @Paula Gehrke on Friendica :
Wie könnte denn deiner Meinung nach so ein "standardisiertes Verfahren" aussehen?
Bin nicht tief genug in der Thematik drin, um hierzu eine durchdachte Meinung zu haben. Daher stelle ich ja diese Fragen.
Andere sind da ja schon viel weiter, wie man hier sieht.

Aber ich habe den Eindruck, dass Mastodon das GAB-Problem ganz gut in den Griff bekommen hat. Vielleicht sollte man da mal genauer nach deren Lösung schauen...
Paula Gentle on Friendica friendica (via ActivityPub)
Daher meine Fragen:
1. Was tut ein einfacher User, wenn er glaubt, einen Account oder Instanz entdeckt zu haben, der sich illegitim verhält und seiner Meinung nach(!) geblockt werden sollte? Dem Instanzbetreiber melden - wenn ja, auf welchem Weg?
2. Gibt es eine Abstimmung zwischen den Instanzbetreibern hinsichtlich von Blocklisten?
Dem bisher gesagten entnehme ich zusammenfassend, dass es bislang keinen standardisierten Weg für Friendica gibt - und föderationsübergreifend schon mal gar nicht.

Bleibt nur, dem jeweiligen Instanzbetreiber und/oder meinem eigenen eine PN zu schicken - falls der/die das überhaupt so möchte.
utzer ~Friendica~ friendica (via ActivityPub)
@Paula Gehrke on Friendica ich würde ggf. noch das helpers oder Admins forum empfehlen, ich denke Admins ist besser. Die Admins, also auch ich, freuen uns über Hinweise, wir sind ja auch in unserer Blase und sehen so Accounts nicht unbedingt selber.
hoergen friendica (via ActivityPub)
@Paula Gehrke on Friendica Ich hatte mal im Friendica Directory Repos einen Vorschlag dazu gemacht

Photo permissions don't work [solved]

Hi folks!
I am using friendica version 2020.09-01 and I wonder if this issue is known by anyone else:
uploading or editing a photo and setting
- "public" permission works fine :)
- "Limited/Private" permission doesn't work with "Show to:" for persons or groups. The person or the one of the related group has no access to the photo. One can read posts with the same permission restrictions, but doesn't see the photos :(

Any ideas?
If I understood you right: both.
As soon as I change the permission of a photo from "Public" to "Limited/Private" nobody has access to it and can't see it in posts nor in "Photos" except the owner, no matter who's listed in "Show to:".
You mentioned "private albums". I just had a closer look and was not able to set album permissions ("Vier" theme). I only have the permission option for single pictures.

Hope it helps ...
The problem seems to be solved since the update from 2020.09-01 to 2021.01 has been successfully installed :) Thank you so much!

Steffen K9 🐰 friendica (via ActivityPub)
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