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Friendica update not working on

Anyone that could help?
!Friendica Support

Upgrading Friendica not working

Hello !Friendica Support

Is there anyone can offer help to upgrade my Friendica instance? I have more than a month trying different options and couldn't run an stable version, every time I try something brokes, the last try Friendica didn't show any buttons and if I chose any option it sends me to an error page, whenever I return to the previous version it keeps failing and somehow it is fixed I think because the cache pages.

1) buttons bar do not appear
2) any selected option goes to an error page
3) login does not show and I need to go straight to the index.php to login
4) when I get back to previous version it show that new version is installed but is not

I am loosing faith on this
thanks for your comments
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I have decided not to maintain anymore this instance, I really appreciate your help, I think Friendica needs better guidelines on installs, maintenance and upgrades, I know you all do your best and maybe for free, but you must remember instance owners we do the same apart from paying to have servers running for free.
Thanks again and keep up the good work!
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I don't understand the problem @Admin charlaMX, it is very well documented for a free program?

Above all, updating via git is a breeze, I think Friendica is one of the easiest installs I know, except for the package manager.

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Friendica translation Spanish (es) & Spanish (es_mx)

Hello !Friendica Support

I have contributed in the Spanish Language translation of the Friendica texts and its Addons, Spanish (es), under transifex translation

Could somebody help me understand what I have to do to transfer the texts to my Friendica server? I tried the command line but it was not possible so I entered the texts in transifex website but they still appear under review and I do not know how to generate the strings to be used on the server.
Adding: these translations could also be used as Mexican Spanish ES_mx for now.

Thank you in advance for your support.
Tobias friendica (AP)
@Admin charlaMX the po2php command is part of the console program in the bin directory of Friendica.

"bin/console po2php" (called from your Friendica root) is the command to run the po2php command. We had a separate program for this, but integrated into the console a while back. Are there still references in the docs for the separate program?
Hypolite Petovan friendica (AP)
I just checked, the former script isn't referred as is anymore.

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Avoid Adult posts in feeds

Hello !Friendica Support
Does anyone have an Addon to block Adult/NSFW/Porn posts?
I mean, not only collapsing them like NSFW Addon do, but to avoid showing it at all?
I was blocking some sites but is not what I intend to do, my idea is not to block sites

Thanks in advance for your comments!
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Hello Michael,
what I need is to enable users to block adult posts (usually tagged by NSFW tags) such that each user configure its own tags to be avoided, just like the NSFW Addon but without showing the posts at all, the NSFW Addon only enable the colapsing functionality but the posts are listed anyway.
For instance to copy or modify NSFW Addon including a checkbox "☑️Unlist filtered" or something like that, Regards!
Michael Vogel friendica (AP)
It should be possible doing so on the network page, but it could be not so easy at the community page.
Admin charlaMX friendica (via ActivityPub)
I think the "Global Community" is the more important to be filtered, each server could manage it's own post ratings.
In the meantime I've created a file with the more common words, this case in English/Spanish to be filtered, it does not works exactly as expected but it could save you many headaches for those NSFW posts. Share as needed👍

I tried modifying the file friendica/addon/nsfw/nsfw.php in the line with the text 'nsfw,' but it still need to be activated by each user after reloading the Addon

Please find attached the words file:

Mother | New Release | VAN LESSEN

In 2014 we recorded some of our songs which have never been released officially so far. These tracks are now available on Apple Music / iTunes, Deezer, Napster, Spotify and Amazon Music.

1. Evolution
This is a song we often played live as a boosting opener. Fast and straight forward. It's about the fear of change, but also about the need for change as evolution commands.

2. Mother
The first half of this track is written in e-phrygian, which gives the song a kind of melancholic mood. The second half is instrumental only. Figuratively speaking: no humans - that means no exploitation but earth recovery - so the second part of the song is building up in a pure pushing rhythm fashion - VAN LESSEN rocks!

3. Eternity
"Till death do us part" - of course that rarely happens. "I've sent you my ear ..." - like Vincent van Gogh, this action was not meant to show that we would stick together forever. An ideal world is phantasy, the real world is punk - let's rock that way!

#VL #VANLESSEN #Mother #EP #Release2021 #Evolution #Eternity #Music #Rock #AlternativeRock #Punkrock
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Custom login page Friendica

Hello! !Friendica Support

I hate to ask, but I couldn't configure login page to show what I need, please let me know if I'm wrong or how to solve this?

I've tried in Menu Admin/site/Registration field "Register text" but is not working.
I appreciate your hel in advance, Regards!
Steffen K9 🐰 friendica (via ActivityPub)
When you want to provide additional information there you need to create a home.html file in your Friendica document root folder. Then put the desired information in that file.
Admin charlaMX friendica (via ActivityPub)
Ah perfect!, I got it!, Thanks so much!! 👍

Hello World - Welcome To The Show! | VAN LESSEN

Ingo van Lessen, 2020-10-06, Bremen

This is our one and only totally fresh free friendica account.

Stay tuned!

#VL #VANLESSEN #music #rock #band #live

Video production runs at full blast - first snapshots | Evolution | VAN LESSEN

Ingo van Lessen, 2020-10-06, Bremen

Actually we are working on three video productions. We want to make the tunes already recorded in 2014 and 2015 available on YouTube soon.

Evolution, a piece which we often played as a boosting opener will be the first out of these three releases. This piece was already written about 20 years! ago, but in terms of climate change, the corona pandemic and threatening political autocratic leaderships the lyrics have never been more relevant than now. We are at the beginning of a new evolutionary era and we have to get out of our comfort zone, modify our lifestyle and fight for our future and the future of whole upcoming generations! Yes, we can!

So, because of the relevant lyrics we consequently focus them in the middle of the video. The puristic style will be supplemented with only some photos in solo segments.

Here are some initial snapshots:

#VL #VANLESSEN #music #rock #Evolution #videoProduction
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