Video production runs at full blast - first snapshots | Evolution | VAN LESSEN

Ingo van Lessen, 2020-10-06, Bremen

Actually we are working on three video productions. We want to make the tunes already recorded in 2014 and 2015 available on YouTube soon.

Evolution, a piece which we often played as a boosting opener will be the first out of these three releases. This piece was already written about 20 years! ago, but in terms of climate change, the corona pandemic and threatening political autocratic leaderships the lyrics have never been more relevant than now. We are at the beginning of a new evolutionary era and we have to get out of our comfort zone, modify our lifestyle and fight for our future and the future of whole upcoming generations! Yes, we can!

So, because of the relevant lyrics we consequently focus them in the middle of the video. The puristic style will be supplemented with only some photos in solo segments.

Here are some initial snapshots:

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