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In 2014 we recorded some of our songs which have never been released officially so far. These tracks are now available on Apple Music / iTunes, Deezer, Napster, Spotify and Amazon Music.

1. Evolution
This is a song we often played live as a boosting opener. Fast and straight forward. It's about the fear of change, but also about the need for change as evolution commands.

2. Mother
The first half of this track is written in e-phrygian, which gives the song a kind of melancholic mood. The second half is instrumental only. Figuratively speaking: no humans - that means no exploitation but earth recovery - so the second part of the song is building up in a pure pushing rhythm fashion - VAN LESSEN rocks!

3. Eternity
"Till death do us part" - of course that rarely happens. "I've sent you my ear ..." - like Vincent van Gogh, this action was not meant to show that we would stick together forever. An ideal world is phantasy, the real world is punk - let's rock that way!

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