5 in 1 swoop
Roland Häder friendica
He is really skilled!

John Hummel diaspora
Like all other widely reported financial statistics, this one -- "wealthiest country in the world" -- (others include the Dow, the S&P, the Nasdaq, the Commodity Market Report, the...) have no direct bearing whatsoever on how the actual economy -- the economy of the 99% -- is doing. It's all a giant exercise in lying with statistics.
Jess Nut diaspora
That's literally the point of the post.

Die Abschaltung der US-Pipeline war vielleicht gar nicht notwendig. Das trotz Dementi gezahlte Lösegeld war offenbar Verschwendung.

Israel has a problem

#cartoon by Marian #Kamensky (Austria)
now, this one is clearly antisemitic.
Mulkurul diaspora
Not antisemitic in the slightest.

Netanyahu's political trick to stay in power at the expense of Palestinian lives

#cartoon by Nanda #Soobben (South Africa)
by the same token: Hamas' weapon of choice to avoid elections.
Mulkurul diaspora
Hasbara alert...

diane diaspora
Capitalism and scarce resources
Richard Healy diaspora
Sigh. I'll bet people would lose their jobs if they couldn't afford to drive to work, too. Neoliberalism, fascism, and oligarchy have turned us into a brittle, weak, and fearful people.
Several empty gas stations in Florida, because of hoarders.
Colonial serves US South East EXCEPT Florida, which gets it by boat directly.

NGC/IC/M (2017)

#art #sculpture by Tomás #Saraceno

Daise Flowers diaspora
Oh, that's some satire right there haha
John Hummel diaspora
In their "defense", risk assessment is an ill-posed problem, meaning it's so hard that it is literally unsolvable in the general case.

Returning to the real world: These people are fucking idiots. On the bright side, this is the kind of idiocy that solves itself in evolutionary time. Unfortunately, 10,000 years (plus or minus) gives these morons a lot of time to destroy the rest of us on their way out.

Ice ice baby
53 sec video

Breaking ice of mighty river Amur in the Far East of Russia topples metal fence at Khabarovsk city embankment, sweeps away at least three ships, and blocks roads
#ice #gif #video
Karl Auerbach diaspora
The ice cometh - You should read the case below for a rather intriguing situation involving ice, ships, a draw bridge, and flooding... (It's easy reading, and relatively short.)

Petitions of the Kinsman Transit Company...

Das israelische Militär hat in der Nacht erneut den Gazastreifen angegriffen. Dabei kamen Luft- und Bodentruppen zum Einsatz. Es seien aber keine Soldaten in das Palästinensergebiet vorgedrungen, stellte die Armee klar.

#Nahost-Konflikt #Israel #Palästinenser #Gazastreifen #Hamas #Angriffe #Bodentruppen #Raketen

Gaffer diaspora
44 oz. Mega-slurp size.
It's known as double dipping you know like our 2-scoop Donnie did/does

Tagesschau (inoffiziell) friendica (via ActivityPub)
Israel hat seine Vergeltungsschläge im Gazastreifen noch einmal ausgeweitet und setzt nun neben der Luftwaffe auch Bodentruppen ein. In den Grenzorten sollen sich die Menschen in Schutzräume begeben.

Einwohner Togos dürfen nur noch drei SIM-Karten von jedem der beiden Mobilfunk-Netzbetreiber besitzen. Das erleichtert die Überwachung.

Deutsche Welle (inoffiziell) friendica (via ActivityPub)
Die israelische Armee hat in der Nacht ihre Angriffe auf den Gazastreifen verschärft. Dabei kamen Luft- und Bodentruppen zum Einsatz. Ob die Bodentruppen in das Palästinensergebiet vorgedrungen sind, ist unklar.

Das israelische Militär hat in der Nacht erneut den Gazastreifen angegriffen. Dabei kamen Luft- und Bodentruppen zum Einsatz. Es drangen aber keine Soldaten in das Palästinensergebiet vor, stellte die Armee klar.

#Nahost-Konflikt #Israel #Palästinenser #Gazastreifen #Hamas #Angriffe #Bodentruppen #Raketen

Glass Animals - Space Ghost Coast To Coast


3:09 min music video

#music #psychedelic #pop #indie #electronic #glassanimals

Sepop diaspora
My phone holds 4 megabytes of Han-Soloing

Sepop diaspora
That's a huge ....

Das Umfragehoch der Grünen hält an: Im DeutschlandTrend für das ARD-Morgenmagazin bleiben sie knapp vor CDU und CSU. Bei der Frage, wer eine künftige Regierung anführen soll, liegt allerdings die Union vorn.

diane diaspora

Israeli police and citizens are marking Arab houses in Haifa like this so they can come raid it later on,

Haifa marking houses

Reminds me of something that happened in Europe about 100 years ago!

Mark businesses Nazis
Whuffo diaspora
Wow. Such words being used. When all that's happening is the Israelis looking at Palestinian homes and businesses and saying "that's MINE now". Then when the Palestinians protest, the Israelis overreact. Is this "antisemitism"? No, it's fascism.
Gaffer diaspora
Just a gentle reminder:

relating to or denoting a family of languages that includes Hebrew, Arabic, and Aramaic and certain ancient languages such as Phoenician and Akkadian, constituting the main subgroup of the Afro-Asiatic family.
relating to the peoples who speak Semitic languages, especially Hebrew and Arabic.

"Anti-semitic" does not refer to language use (or actions) directed at one or the other of these people alone; it refers to language (or actions) directed against any person speaking any of these languages. If you are going to say "Israeli-hating" and/or "Palestinian-hating", please DO SO, and stop confusing this issue by using this term. If you mean "Jew-hating", be honest, and use those words. Stop saying "Semitic" in reference to this conflict; that term refers to both groups involved.

Gaza Fights For Freedom (2019) | Full Documentary | Directed by Abby Martin
Please watch and share.
#BDS #freepalestine

Now I know why I'm always tired

You like your fellows, eh?

diane diaspora
Meanwhile in the #USA
the magic people cannot get burnt
Mark Lansbury diaspora
Is this actually happening over there now?

I'd like to think someone's taking the piss.

Nancy Sinatra - These Boots Are Made For Walking


2:26 min music #video
#music #pop #NancySinatra #1966
Miguela diaspora
yesss ! :)
One of the favourite songs of my youth ;-)

Sven friendica (via ActivityPub)
So der Pokal geht nach #Dortmund. Wer hätte das gedacht? #BVB #RBLBVB #DFB-Pokal
Dass er nicht nach #Gelsenkirchen geht ist klar😂
Sven friendica (via ActivityPub)
Ich dachte, dass der nach Herne-West geht. 😂
★Miller diaspora
:D @Sven, okay, wir leben in verschiedenen Welten.
Ich mag keinen Fußball, deswegen war mein Kommentar für dich wahrscheinlich nicht als Satire erkennbar. ;)

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Mastodon API - please test

!Friendica Support on the current development branch we just released some changes so that it should be now possible to partly use mobile apps that are built to work with Mastodon.

By now the implementation is rather rough and incomplete. Means: Only read access is possible at the moment, so now posting, deleting, ...

But it would be great to know which applications do already work. I tested these ones successfully:
  • Tusky
  • Husky
  • twitlatte
I had problems with these apps:
  • Subway Tooter
  • Mammut
  • AndStatus
If you know other applications (especially my shout goes out to iOS users), please give it a try and tell your experience!

It is much to early for intensive testing, it is expected to not run smoothly at the moment, but a basic "I can log in and see postings" or "I fail to log in" would be fine.
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Christian Dior Fall 2015 Couture Catwalk






#art #architecture for Christian #Dior

Police Reform thus far

#cartoon by Dave #Granlund

The real painting
#real #painting #lol

Die USA haben die Maskenpflicht für vollständig gegen das Coronavirus geimpfte Menschen weitgehend aufgehoben. Präsident Biden sprach von einem "großartigen Tag für Amerika".

#Corona-Pandemie #USA #Corona-Regeln #Maskenpflicht #Distanzregeln #Geimpfte

Israel is writing a New Bible

#cartoon by Nikola #Listes
Kenny Chaffin diaspora
Yep and have been for a long time now...

Superman and the Truth

#cartoon by Bruce #Plante

Herd Stupidity

#cartoon by Christopher #Weyant

Back To Normal

#cartoon by Peter #Kuper

Summer's on the way

#cartoon by Oguz #Gurel

Aircon ...

Roadburn arrival
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